Supporting exceptional entrepreneurs to grow great businesses.

What We Do

We back extraordinary entrepreneurs through the Search Fund Model to search, acquire, grow and sell mid-size companies in Brazil.

We strongly believe in active investing, which means rolling up our sleeves and supporting aspiring entrepreneurs to become successful CEOs. We support our entrepreneurs with networking, negotiations and contracts, deal structure, industry analysis, business operations and exit tactics.

Most companies in our portfolio stay active with us as they grow, letting KYR support them throughout their operating life. We build fruitful relationships, with our leadership often having a board seat with our invested companies.

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Co·op·er·a·tion -- the process of working together to the same end.

Our Team

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Henrique Duarte


Taissa Faro

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Al·li·ance – a relationship based on an affinity in interests, nature, or qualities.

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Mech·an·ism – a natural or established process by which something takes place or is brought about.

Life cycle of a Search Fund Model:

Life cycle of a Search Fund Model:

Search Fund Model

The Search Fund Model, also known as Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition, was initiated by H. Irving Grousbeck, the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, in 1984. Since then, the investment model has grown exponentially around the world.

The idea behind the model is to empower entrepreneurs to Search, Acquire, Grow and Sell an existing, yet underperforming company. A Search Fund is created by one or two individuals who are eager to become entrepreneurs by acquiring an existing business. In the process, these entrepreneurs partner with a small group of investors, who will finance and guide them throughout the journey. 

With historical returns averaging over 4x MOIC and 30% IRR, Search Funds are one of the most outstanding asset classes among the Alternatives.

Life cycle of a Search Fund Model:

Life cycle of a Search Fund Model: